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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nothing tastes as good as how skinny feels:

Well…I found plenty of things that taste just as good. Quesadillas, and ice cream, and plenty of cheesesteak. I went to Philadelphia this past weekend to visit one of my best friends. I felt good about going and promised myself that I wouldn't make a fuss about not working out and not being able to eat my typical stuff. And I didn't. I made myself so comfortable in fact, that I lost all perspective on food, and ate my way through the long weekend. Sure, we did a TON of walking, and I had an absolute blast. But the way I felt all day yesterday did not feel as good as all those cheesesteaks. It was a combination of my body being like "what?!? what did you do to me? what's all this crap I need to digest?", not going to the gym in...5 days, and the guilt of my conscience for allowing myself to snap right back into my old regiment without hesitation.

I will not step on the scale until I feel better about this. I don't need to look and see the damage I did. I feel it throughout my body, and that's enough.

So the rest of this week will be a detox. Eating tons of color (orange cheese wiz is not a color, Chrissy), and back to the gym I go. I need to get this stuff out of my body, it's making me sick, and stressing me out. For the first time in a while yesterday at the gym I got dizzy, light headed and needed to pour water over my head before I passed out. Wake up call.


  1. I can relate to those "half-ass workouts" at times I wonder "why am I even here if I'm not gonna go all out!?" -- I too almost passed out at the gym this week, no good. I legit turned barney-the-dinosaur purple. Keep up the good work =)