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I won't compromise this thing just to make it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day :)

Ever have those mornings when you wake up and you just KNOW that you lost weight? You feel lighter, your skin feels tighter, and you just...know. Every time it happens to me and I weigh myself  I'm usually right. Although I won't allow myself this time, I'm gonna go ahead with the assumption that I did. And hell, if I didn't? I'll never know, will I? :)

I've had a great couple of days thanks to good music, good friends, and today's not necessary snow day, but I'll take it. I had an awesome workout at the gym yesterday, and a great dinner with friends that (for the first time in a while) wasn't stressful for me. We went to a local Mexican restaurant, where I made sure to check out the menu online before and do some simple menu decoding....Eat This! Not That! pays off again! I skipped the chips and salsa, chose the most sensible thing on the menu, and drank lots of water. I'm a camel these days, don't know why, hah. After dinner, me and my girlfriends had a little too much fun playing with a giant cardboard box. I squeeezed myself into it...hey, I fit!

My goal for today is to mentally prepare myself for some shoveling so I can get out of my driveway, and get to the gym. Dinner with dad tonight. If i can accomplish getting out, then my reward later tonight is cuddling up with my down comforter and watching too many episodes of Sex and the City. :)