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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"sometimes you just need to be alone"

Forgive me if this post makes zero sense. just know that I'm crazyyyy premenstrual.

The weeks have been manageable. not great. I feel like I've slipped back into maintenance mode again and not weight loss mode. My weekends have been straight binges. At one point I was past the feeling of full and thought I might actually throw up from too much food. I tried to, and couldn't. I fail at bulimia I guess.

I'm just going through a funk. I'm just on edge all the time, and need something to motivate me again. I had an awful realization last night (soo much pms) that although so many things have changed with me, emotionally, mentally, physically, but nothing has changed with my interactions with people. All those feelings of self worth and value came flooding back to me last night and today-I'm still not worth it to people, and still feel like as much as I change every part of me, I'm still not enough and good enough for love.

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  1. that title is fantastic. It's too true. That's how i feel, anyway.